Step 1: Guest List

A wedding cannot be planned without knowing how many guests you want to have. Start a list and include EVERYONE you’d like to invite. Then narrow it down, even create multiple lists if needed. Once you have that list on paper it gives you a better sense of how many people you should be planning for. A 50 person guest list is much different than 150.

Pro tip: If you’re having a smaller wedding, ask venues about their minimum guest count. Some venues require a certain amount of guests during season.

Step 2: Budget

Know how much you want to spend. The budget will dictate everything and without having a strong framework of budget (overall and broken up). Not having a budget will quickly lead into overspending or emotional purchasing.

Step 3: Priorities

Each couple has different priorities for their wedding. There is no right or wrong or wrong priority, but this should be thought about. The higher priorities should be booked first. This allows you to secure the vendor or venue before they’re booked and be a little more flexible with the itemized budget.