With only 3 weeks to the wedding, I realized I was in way over my head and I couldn't execute everything myself (a bride's common misconception, I think). With a raw space to organize, a handful of vendors, and some very particular design elements to juggle, Brittney literally picked up the pieces and turned it into art.  She immediately understood and shared our design vision and vibe, stepped in, and executed a perfect, personal wedding in a very tight timeline.She gave us a ton of great input on how to execute our cocktail reception, from flow of the space, to furniture choices, to the structure and timing of the evening, to the coordination between vendors and our guests.  She was incredibly organized, always prompt and available to communicate, and assured me that I didn't have to worry about a thing.On the day of the wedding, she directed guests (and us!) through the evening's spaces with ease.  She made sure a plate of appetizers and champagne was in the bridal suite.  She packed up an "after party kit" of leftover food and booze from the wedding, and sent it to the after party space so it was waiting for us when we got there.  We didn't ask for this, but it was a welcome surprise that she coordinated for us. Brittney was by far the best investment we made on the wedding!  I only wish I had hired her sooner!

-- Lauren & Leandro


Without Brittney our wedding would not have happened! Her help as our Day Of Coordinator ensured that every detail of the wedding was handled efficiently and perfectly. Knowing that Brittney was making sure that every vendor knew where to go and how to set our things up made it so much easier for us to enjoy our day. Throughout the night Brittney continued to keep everything and everyone running smoothly and made sure that every planned event went off without a hitch. Even though she wasn't acting as our wedding planner, she was always available to help answer any of our questions and offer her advice while we solidified our arrangements in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Her fun and positive attitude was so helpful in keeping us sane as well! I can't overstate enough how integral Brittney was to making our wedding as perfect as it was!

-- Ariel & Catherine